There are so many times I just want to call or text you. I miss you, I miss you when the sunsets the most and when it rains. I miss feeling you when the sun rises, I miss you when I hear a song or smell a scent. I want to talk to you and thought about what I would say, it’ll go something like this:
I hate you for breaking my heart, how could you find another girlfriend when we were just “slowing” things down a bit, and to not even tell me face to face, but I had to see it on fb. I thought our “relationship” meant more than this. I never want to see or talk to you.. Just disappear. - That of course was my first thought. I was very hurt. But after 2 weeks thinking about it, I think the conversation would go more like this:
Hey, how’s it going? I want you to know that I’m hurt but given the circumstances, happy for you. (Saying that does tear my heart a little) you have made me happy and I know you’ll make her just as happy. (Gawd, I wasn’t feeling envious saying that in my head) I miss you, I miss the way we feel together, we just fit. Miss the way we looked at each other, the way you would spoil me, early morning text and the recap of our day. I hope one day we can hang out and not be awkward. See you around. Yep, that is what my mouth would be saying.. My heart, it’ll be crying and falling into pieces,aching.
My head, it’ll be saying, let’s just fuck, one last hoorah… Lol.


What I want in a relationship;



• hand holding (in public as well would be nice)
• long hugs
• butt touches
• kissing (lots of that)
• phone calls and texting
• butt touches (I mentioned that but it’s important)
• long and stupid rambles
• sharing feelings (oh gosh what am I?)
• snuggles and spooning
• watch horror films together
• to feel wanted, loved and appreciated

Got all of that already. :)